It has been 24 hours

November 9, 2012

Well it has nearly been 24 hours since I sat in the cold black leather chair in Dr. Frederick Euro’s office in Canton and heard the words — “You have cancer,” spring forth form his lips. I took a deep breath and tried to inhale my own tears but they overflowed and the sobs began. 

My husband was at my side. He held onto my hand while I shook my head in disbelief.

How could this happen? Stage 2 Endometrial Uterine Cancer. 

At this point I’ve researched more and read to the point that my eyes are weary. They burn from overuse. However I’ve found great research and statistics that will guide my future.

There is first a meeting with Dr. Hopkins at Aultman on Wednesday. I hope to ask for a referral as my best odds seem to be at Ohio State University’s Cancer Center. I like odds that say at the 5 year mark 93 percent are good to go with a specific treatment plan and that 10 years out 79 percent are still good to go. The normal options leave you with a 73 percent chance at good health after 5 years and even less at 10 years. 

As I told my husband and my mom — cancer picked the wrong woman. I’m a stubborn fighter who is loud. I want other women to know there are options. I want other women to know just how common this cancer is. I want kids to understand that cancer isn’t catchy like a cold. I want families to understand there is hope and help out there.

Hence this blog. I should warn that I’m candid and tell it like it is, so read this with that in mind.

It is my way of healing and feeling better. It is how I best deal with things. I plan to share the details of my story – our story in terms of my family and the people we meet along the way right here. My hope is help at least one woman through this or to get a better doctor and a second or third opinion because cancer is cancer. The earlier it is found and the more aggressive you are about your own health — the better the outcome. I was once one of those women who put my own health last and it wasn’t until finding an amazing doctor who promised not to push pills at me and find the problem that I began to realize all the years of prescriptions for this and that wouldn’t solve the problem long term.

It all started with periods that never ended and an “Aunt Flow” that was so heavy I planned life around it, wore several layers of clothing and never left home without at least one change of clothes. I had been to several OBs who all gave me pills and such to control the problem. One doctor sat across from me and said if you lose weight you won’t have this problem. I replied, “Problem, I can’t be active like this.” He said, “Take some pills.” I walked out of that office and swore off OBs for a while. 

I was told about Dr. Robert Hamilton and his staff. They were INCREDIBLE! He took the time to listen. He worked with me and didn’t throw pills at me. Instead we went the “scary” route and I had surgery in January to do a D and C and hysterscopy after a total of six blood transfusions because I was that anemic. The results were negative. The bleeding wasn’t because of cancer. 

I began a course of injections — LUPRON. Those turned our world upside down. Suddenly I’m having hot flashes and mood swings and sweats. At least on the upside the bleeding wasn’t so bad. It didn’t completely stop for about two months after the surgery. But then the day came and it did and no bleeding for 2 weeks. I was amazed. We did six months of the shot. The goal was to build me up and to hopefully shrink the uterus and the fibroid I had. Well that didn’t work so well. Uterus by the end of August was over 19 cm. (It should be 7 centimeters if you are not expecting.) That size is roughly 5 months pregnant size. It was too big to do a “SPLASH” surgery.

So the next option to remove the uterus is robotic surgery. That is much safer for a girl my size. The recovery time is less. The blood loss is less. You go home in a day and are back at life in a week. All good things for me. Dr. Hamilton referred me to the best in the area for robots – Dr. Euro. He saw me and agreed surgery was an option and we moved forward. We set a surgery date and began the battery of tests needed by the hospital. It was during the pre operative biopsy that was required that the cancer was found.

That brings you to the present with history in a nutshell.

This isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with a health issue. Several years ago I had polyps that tested as cancerous in one lab and precancerous in another. They removed them. I did hormone therapy and had radiation. That time I didn’t tell even members of my family aside from my husband. I was scared and worried I’d be judged. 

This time I realize I am going to need all the help and support I can muster because this is going to the biggest battle I’ve ever faced. I came to do war though because in the face of adversity I don’t give up and give in. I will find a way. That is what Bevie’s do.



9 Responses to “It has been 24 hours”

  1. Linda Sears Says:

    YOU GO GIRLIE!!! I have never known you to have QUIT in your vocabulary, so that being said, I am praying for you and your family. And especially the doctors, nurses, the staff ANYONE and everyone that you come into contact with. BEVIE BOO is A DOER!!! Love ya’ Linda Sears

  2. Tanya Says:

    Tears streaming!!!!!
    You are such an amazing friend and I know you will fight till the end!!!!
    Remember…I am here for you!!! Love you!

  3. Jill Starner Says:

    Keep up the fight and I will keep up the prayers.

  4. Missy Sinnett Says:

    this just brought tears to my eyes reading your blog.. Keep your head up and you and your family are in my prayers.

  5. Carol worrell Says:

    I am at a loss for words… I will be praying for you every step of your journey. I am also volunteering for you. If ever you need a driver to take you to an appointment…let me know, I will do all I can to help you.

  6. Paula Keppler Says:

    Bev, please know that you and your family will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. On a personal note, the James Cancer Center at OSU Medical is wonderful! My mother wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for them. Don’t hesitate to ask for a referral, second, third or however many opinions you need to beat this!

    Paula Wilcoxon-Keppler

  7. Julie Rose Says:

    I am so glad that you are blogging this Bev! This is extreme therapy at its finest! Like I told you before…You’re gonna be fine cuz God’s got this!

  8. tara Says:

    I have been hesitating to comment because I am at a loss for words. I will tell you that I have always treasured our friendship over nearly the last 30 years. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever met…..always willing to help everyone else before you even give yourself a thought. Now its your time to focus on you. I will be here for whatever you need. Please dont hesistate to ask me for help whether its a ride or covering something at the budget or hanging out with jason or making a pitcher of sangria……I will be here. I love ya!!!

  9. Karen Says:

    Uncle Stan and I are here for you. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help out. If you need a meal, is Jason needs a ride, or whatever. We love you and are praying for all of you.
    Aunt Karen

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