November 16, 2012

It has been a week since I heard the words and as positive as I try to remain, today I just feel numb. I cried the entire drive to work because my patience has run thin and the waiting is awful. I know I can’t make a lab work faster to create something as there is a time and process but I need a solid time and date to get this going.

I’m so black and white about things. I’m the girl that needs and often makes and uses the flow chart of if this, then this etc. I have blanks in my chart and its driving me bonkers!

So this morning I prayed for peace and once again for more patience for today and then put socks on with sandals. Yup. I’m rebelling.

I have a lot to do the next few days in terms of work but I am hoping to take some time out to watch some funny Adam Sandler movies. While they are funny — they also have messages in them. Who knew? Think about Happy Gilmore or Mr. Deeds…both have really good messages as does 50 First Dates. I remember the first time my dad watched Happy Gilmore. At first he wasn’t into it…but at the end…he was all in. It is kind of like the look he had after watching Son in Law for the first time.

So perhaps some good movies and some laughs will do the trick because this girl needs to smile and laugh. That’s me…being quiet and teary is for the birds but I also know it is part of the process of dealing.

Here’s to a better weekend filled with laughter and love with those who mean the most to me. This afternoon it will be stuffing bags for good little boys and girls that are given away when Santa comes to Sugarcreek with my son. He’s such a trooper and we have a ball putting the bags together.

I’m hoping to get a jump on some other projects and then if all works out we will take Jason cosmic bowling on Saturday night. I completely stink at bowling but I’m at least consistently bad. Jason and Rob are the rockstars at the game. I just want to go and have a good time with my boys…yes that is what I call them…my boys…my guys. I’m the only girl in the house – even the cat and dog are boys. The cat might think he’s a dog which is a whole other story as he actually plays fetch. The dog doesn’t play fetch. Go figure!

So here’s hoping for a better day. After all the sun in shining and I hear that it might be 56 degrees this weekend! On a sad note though I heard Hostess is shutting its doors. That’s sad for this area because those were lunch box treats like no other.



One Response to “Numb”

  1. Julie Rose Says:

    I’m happy to hear that you’re thinking of things to make you smile. The world is a lot better place with a smile on your face! Enough of the goofy poetry. *hugs*

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