Appointment Set, Confirmed

November 19, 2012

I kind of feel like a member of NASA today. It has taken quite the juggling act to get copies of all my records to the right places and then there is the story of the glass slides.

However, persistence pays off and we have lift-off err…ummm..I mean confirmation.

Andy from The James called about 10 minutes ago and went over things with me and advised he is sending me a package that includes directions and such so I can visit next Tuesday, November 27 at 10:45 a.m. While almost a week later than planned — the time is much better as it means Rob and I won’t need to battle traffic during rush hour in Columbus.

It is a Tuesday and for me work wise that could be a stumbling block but I’ve made things work without being in the office on Tuesdays before. This will be no different.

Andy was very nice on the phone. He is the fourth person I have spoken with now at The James. You could hear a genuine caring in their voices and their actions in doing what they say  has won me over. While I’m still scared – I am also at ease knowing I’m going where people know cancer’s number, can call it and get rid of it. I see them as a partner in me winning this battle.

I looked at my hand as it shook while I was on the phone today and realized its okay to be scared — but its not okay to let being scared rule my life. I have a son to teach spelling bee words to and a husband to be a proofreader and general help to. I have a mom who needs to know I’m going to be okay.

I asked God this morning for peace to get through the day. He hasn’t failed. He never fails. Instead I sometimes don’t hear Him or see the real good in the situation. I let life cloud my judgement. We all do it from time to time.

Perhaps today my thoughts need to be even more positive than normal because maybe someone else needs a boost too. I know I can do this. I was originally thinking that I’d be recovering from the hysterectomy that was to be today at this point before the diagnosis. But things changed. The test showed cancer. As my favorite doctor reminded me — “It’s okay Bev. It was coming out anyway. Now you’ll give your husband more a reason to be an OSU fan.”

Yes — it is true. My husband adores the gold and blue of the state up North. Perhaps I need an OSU cheerleader outfit for my goose. Wouldn’t that just get his goat? hahaha

Until later.



3 Responses to “Appointment Set, Confirmed”

  1. Julie Rose Says:

    You’re getting this all in line, Bev! I never doubted you. Now don’t you doubt!

  2. Suzanne Stauffer Says:

    So glad to read this news, Bev! God will surround you with his/her presence and give you strength and courage and whatever else you need.

  3. Rob Says:

    Maybe the goose needs a goat outfit?

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