One day at a time

November 21, 2012

Remember when you are kid and you knew something special was coming up on the horizon and how excited you were about whatever that was, be it a birthday or a trip or a a holiday? That is kind of how I feel about Tuesday’s appointment.

Today, another member of the cancer team at The James called me. Her first question, “How are you feeling?” It wasn’t just small talk, she actually listened and cared. I am blown away each and every time I talk with them. Today, she directed me to look at their website which I’ve done several times and their Facebook page and Twitter feed. She directed me right to a section that talks about the cancer I have as well as the stage so I can see how it is normally treated. She also let me know if I have any questions she is able to be reached at 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning to help navigate the traffic if needed.

So I’m a bit somber at the moment as it involves a radical hysterectomy — call it a fire sale of your insides and you’d be right — because they take out everything. That scares me and saddens me in the same breath. Sitting in tears as I write it actually. Not really ideal but I have to keep the faith that if that is what they think is best — then it has to be done. I went straight to menopause in a handbasket for six months with meds and we all survived but not without some issues. I’m sure though that my favorite herbalist can hook me up with some ways to cope because he was getting good at finding mixes by the end of the six months and even Rob noticed a big improvement in my overall mood etc.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for — even this dreaded disease. Why be thankful for cancer? Perhaps part of it is that I can be even more thankful for the good stuff. The other part is being thankful for the little things because they really do matter the most.

Rob stopped what he is doing to give me a hug when he walked in the door last night blew me away even though it was almost 2 a.m.!

Jason texted me just to say he loved me last night and it brought me to tears.

I have to keep reminding myself that its one foot in front of another — which with the new glasses is sometimes harder than what it sounds. I have some road rash from an incident in Baltic last night. I almost fell walking in Walnut Creek this afternoon. I ended up walking on the road because it was more even than the parking lot where I was. I realize they are graded for water flow and all — but gosh!

So onward and upward — hold those you love good and tight. You don’t know if that if the last time — none of us are promised anything. I pray for peace not just in the world but within the lives of those around me because peace allows all of us to enjoy more.

Happy Thanksgiving!



3 Responses to “One day at a time”

  1. Maurita Weaver-Miller Says:

    praying for you

  2. Cyndi Russell-Marshsll Says:

    Keep All of you in my prayers, I told Jason the other day any time he needs a hug at school to come and find me. (I ‘l, give him an extra one for you at the same time.)

  3. Aunt Karen Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! We are praying for you Bev, Rob and Jason. Lots of hugs, too! If you need more soup, just let me know. Or if there is something else we can do, don’t hesitate to let us know.
    Aunt Karen and Uncle Stan

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