Everything happens for a reason

November 27, 2012

Let me start my story last night — I was at work finishing up some things and was there later than I had planned. I had a hard rock station blaring on the computer – one to help with noise as I work best with lots of it and two to drown out the sound of my tears because I was really missing my husband. He put in 52 hours of overtime last week plus a regular 40 hour week. It was a lonely week to say the least. The sound of hearing myself cry makes me cry even harder so drowning out the sound allows me to get it out and move forward.

Over the sobs and the computer I heard a noise – a loud, constant noise. It was familiar. I walked to the other side of the building and through the heavy steel door to hear it much louder and clearer. I traced it back to the furnace where I found the blower motor had obviously seized and hence the sound. I turned off the furnace at the thermostat and walked into the room where the furnace is — the vent stack that feeds the rest of that side of the building was actually glowing at the base and the pvc exhaust pipe was hot enough to burn with a touch. I opened up the back door and ventilated and turned off the main electric to the gas furnace before calling my boss. We spoke. I explained. I made a sign, he agreed to call the repair man in the morning and I finished my work.

Had I not been there…..

Remember my saying — everything happens for a reason.

This morning I started out with the best of intentions — to get new tires on Rob’s truck. I drove to the local tire store and first was told I couldn’t have the tires I wanted. Then I was told the tires I wanted but suddenly could have weren’t available for at least a few days. I left a little angered but at least I didn’t have to endure the smell of popcorn before 9 a.m.!

I stopped and got gas for Rob’s truck and realized how much I like hopping down out of the cab. It may have me spoiled — it reminded me of when I learned to drive my dad’s truck. After getting gas I went for a walk. I can do 4 miles on the track relatively easily. I wanted to try for five today but my body had other thoughts. Tonight my knees and feet are killing me. Perhaps it is time to upgrade to running / walking shoes as opposed to my Chuck Taylors?

I got to the office and got going on some things that needed done. I got a call from a nurse at OSU. She wanted to see how I was feeling and let me know the balance of my records from a doctor had not yet arrived. Without those records by 5 p.m., they would need to cancel my appointment. She noted that she had spoken with the office and they advised it was on the list for today as they were running behind due to last weeks holiday.  I assured her I would call the office personally and make sure it was done.

When I got off the phone, I did a few better than that. I called the office and talked to my normal contact. She cheerfully assured me they had the info and it would be done in the afternoon. I was okay with that. I made a phone call to my OB and asked that they send my records as well just to make sure everything was covered. Sherry prayed with me and told me they would send the records in the afternoon. I also called the “cut happy” doctor and I will probably always refer to him and talked to his surgical nurse about faxing my records to OSU — albeit just one visit. She noted she was very behind but it would be done by 5 p.m.

Out of the blue, a gentleman who came to install a new printer in our office comes to me for help — as he is not familiar with the world of surrounding MACs. Okay, crisis averted, printer was added and it prints. I don’t know that it has all the bells and whistles but for filling in during a pinch it worked out okay.  — Originally I wouldn’t have been there as I would have still been waiting on tires. Remember my theory — everything happens for a reason.

My day continued on and I went for a nice walk with my husband for lunch to Bags. He had to leave in a pinch and I slowly walked back to the office. Okay, so I had a piece of cheesecake…but I walked almost five miles a few hours before and it was the first real sweet treat since Saturday. I should explain that I’m diabetic (wonderful side effect of Lupron) and on a diet. It’s a self imposed diet of sorts but not over the top.With the help of a great protein product I’ve dropped a bit since being diagnosed before the Ohio Swiss Festival. Right now we are almost to 50 pounds and I see it in inches here and there which is good but there is a long, long way to go. All those years of not being able to be active didn’t do much for me. On the plus side though, walking has gotten a lot easier and I can do a flight of steps without needing a respirator!

After my normal Monday activities, I sat down at my desk to type up Police Reports and start making corrections when my phone rang. It was OSU again and it was 3:45 p.m. They still didn’t have the records and were calling to move my appointment to next week. I begged for 10 more minutes and started calling again. The first doctor’s office told me she would check with the staff and call me back. The second was in the middle of the fax transmission and after talking with my doctor there I had some home that it might work out in my favor. The third had yet to get to faxing anything. I called OSU back and in the mean time Doctor’s Office Number 1 had also called them and suddenly they couldn’t send those records because I needed to pay $30 to get my records and have them faxed. I had to pay that in person and sign a waiver — in Canton.

I grabbed my purse and phone, got in Rob’s truck and drove to Canton in a sea of tears. OSU meanwhile called my cell and cancelled and moved my appointment to next Tuesday at the same time. I called Rob who reminded me to stay calm and offered to meet me and drive me to Canton. I declined. I turned up the music and cried as I drove. Keeping a truck you aren’t used to driving between marked lanes while in tears is a feat let me tell you. I cranked the music up even louder and kept driving. I was determined to get those records myself. I told God that I realize the patience thing is not my virtue but I’m at the end of the proverbial rope of waiting. I told him I know “you’ve got this” but asked why everything has run crazy again. How do you go from having the glass slides and info to not having all the records you need. Apparently, they got the test results but not the supporting information. I prayed for peace and safety as I knew I really shouldn’t have been behind the wheel. At 4:30, I thought I heard my phone ringing but convinced myself it wasn’t.

A commercial that drives me insane came on the radio at 4:45 and I changed the station. I heard my phone ringing and answered it. It was OSU. They had my records — all of them and my appointment was confirmed for today. I owe a great deal to my original OB. I owe a lot to God at this point too.

I arrived at the referring doc’s office just before 5 and paid the $30 for my records — a copy for me and copy was faxed. Somehow I made the trip back to the house to get my car as I had a meeting. My head was pounding and I felt as if I was going to be sick, but alas I wasn’t — it was just the nerves.

Tonight we had a Swiss Festival Committee meeting. After taking a few photos and having some laughs, President Nancy Harrison noted she had one more thing on the agenda. She shared that I’m going through a tough medical issue right now and noted that in her church they do a laying on of hands to show their love and support of others in need. She noted it was option to participate but I don’t know that anyone didn’t. Everyone gathered around me and was hand in hand. I cried. A moment of silence was held and I tried not to sob. It was probably one of the sweetest things I’ve ever been a part of.

Later on my boss hugged me and reminded me that I’ve got the Rathbun Nation behind me. I asked if that’s like Nationwide or Live Nation. He smiled.

I came home to a beautiful prayer shawl — in two of my favorite colors blue and purple. I’m wrapped up in it now.

Something made me feel better tonight. Perhaps knowing that there are so many people out there praying with me for a good prognosis and healing means its not on my shoulders — its in God’s hands.

As I said…everything happens for a reason.



2 Responses to “Everything happens for a reason”

  1. Julie Rose Says:

    Feeling exhausted after reading all this. You are one strong lady let me tell you! Yup, Bev you have SO many people praying for you!

  2. criches6 Says:

    I pray for you, and so do my friends. Most of them don’t know you, but a few do, and they’re very concerned about you. The problem is that nobody knows what they can do for you. By-the-way, I had noticed your weight loss, but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t have an opportunity–you’re a busy woman! I usually only see you at events, so that’s probably why.

    Keep your eyes to the Heavens, and know that here on Earth there are many, many people that are praying for you.

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