November 28, 2012

This morning I woke up slowly. I savored the quiet and peace that exists in the house at 8:30 a.m.

Of course then the Fedex man threw a box on the porch and scared me to pieces. So much for that solitude!

I made some phone calls and started the wheels turning to get things taken care of in anticipation of surgery on December 21.

The biggest thing I need to do is stay positive and calm.

I can eat nothing carb or sugar related and see a spike in my sugar to over 250 just because of stress. I can make all the right choices for days on end and it still doesn’t come down to where it is when I’m relaxed.

So the search is on for a way to stay relaxed and at peace so my sugar is stable. That is what I’m hoping for and praying about right now. I’ll go see Dr. Shilling tomorrow and hope that she can give me some insight or hope or something to help get me through to surgery in one piece.

December 21 is the day. Unsure of the time — but most definitely early in the day. Praying for total robot so I can be home the next day. If major cuts are needed it will be a fews in the hospital but hopefully home for Christmas.

I want nothing more than to spend more time with my family and friends this year.



4 Responses to “Hope”

  1. Tanya Says:

    Hugs!! 🙂

  2. Julie Rose Says:

    And stress sure plays a part in sugar levels. I saw something on msn about reversing diabetes. Maybe this can help…if you don’t already know….which I doubt!


  3. Karen Miller Says:

    Bev – your blog is amazing! I read it for the first time the other morning and had tears thru the whole thing! You are an amazing woman and I know you will conquer this battle! Stay strong, and know you have prayers being sent your way from right down the road. 🙂
    Karen Miller

  4. Aunt Karen Says:

    Please know that lots of people are praying for you, not just your neighbors in Trail Bottom. Your neighbors are a great group of people that rally together when something like cancer or any other sickness comes to one of them. Today in church lots of people continue to keep you in prayer at the Dundee United Methodist Church. One person asked me if I had an update and I told them when your surgery is scheduled. Stay strong, try to remain calm which I know is hard at times, and keep the faith. Give Jason and Rob a hug from us! We love you!
    Aunt Karen and Uncle Stan

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