An emotional night

December 11, 2012

Last night was a night I won’t soon forget as the community gathered to honor the annual Friend of the Arts at Union Hill United Methodist Church. I was sitting at a table with some of the people I care the most about including my mom, husband Jason as well as an aunt and not one but two of my good friends. There were coworkers and friends throughout the fellowship hall.

You see I was asked to present the annual Friend of the Arts award to my boss, friend and publisher Keith Rathbun. I prepared a speech and waited for dinner to end and the award to be announced. However, when Onley Heath announced it was time to honor the annual Friend of the Arts he called Keith Rathbun to the head of the class. Now keep in mind I’d heard rumblings and musings that it was me who was to received the award but that made little sense when I was asked to present the award to Keith. I assumed it was like any game of telephone and instead of me presenting the award word was spread to the contrary.

However, when Keith approached the podium and began a speech about someone who is a friend of everyone and enjoys the arts any form I quickly digested that perhaps the fool sitting there was me as this award was being presented to me. After officially announcing that he couldn’t hold it as mystery any longer, Keith went on to share some of his stories about me — including the time when he attempted to force me to rest by taking my keys only to find I’d let myself in through the keypad on the garage. He spoke of me and the many hats I wear and things I do which brought him and me as well as most of the room to tears.

He also shared that when he was told I was this year’s winner he was at the Chris Spielman event and little did he know at the time what role Speilman would play in my life today. What a difference time makes.

It was an emotional night and I had a hard time keeping it together when I in turn named Keith as Friend of the Arts. There were lots of hugs and tears following the event.


Tomorrow is the pre op visit. I’m more nervous than I can begin to explain. My head hurts from thinking so much. A pre-op visit is really not that complicated but knowing I’ll be stuck with needles and such gives me a horrid feeling. I’m what a lot of nurses have called a horrid stick because my veins are deep. I can only hope for a skilled set of nurses with compassion tomorrow and that my nerves are under control.

I know that this is a step I must take but my hands will be shaking the entire time.

All of this stress makes for one tired girl but yet I’m doing my best to keep my spirits and health in check because I can’t get sick — just can’t happen. So I’m going to be playing it low key for a while. I’m disappearing from the radar I think just so I can immerse myself in work and tasks.

Keep praying for sanity for me and a sense of well-being for Rob and Jason. They need to know that this is going to be okay. They are my world – plain and simple.

I’m ready for nap at this point — worrying is very tiresome and am thinking of going home early. After all, the paper is done and I’m ready to just relax.



4 Responses to “An emotional night”

  1. Julie Rose Says:

    Continued prayers dear lady.

  2. Idella Yoder Says:

    Hugs and prayers for you. Have been praying

  3. connie anderholm Says:

    Bev, if those nurses can’t draw blood

    , give me a call, they don’t call me the Vein Seeker for nothing…

  4. Keeping you in my prayers!

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