Hope floats

December 16, 2012

Hope Floats — It is one of my favorite lovey dovey movies followed by Fools Rush In. Both remind that situations are what you make of them and that accepting help is okay to do.

Its just my makeup—accepting help is hard. I feel that need to press on. I feel that need to find a way. I feel that drive. What happens when I can’t? I have to swallow hard and ask for help. It is hard.

Today I’m working. I need this diversion. I was wrapping presents the other night and man-oh-man that was too much quiet time to think. I was crying the entire time. There are tear-stained packages and those weren’t tears of frustration from not being a good wrapper of gifts.

I took a break from this yesterday and now its Sunday afternoon. I’m trying to look okay for the Christmas concert at the school. Today I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck but not fever or anything so I’m putting one foot in front of the other. I have a feeling its just the fitful sleep catching up with me.

After the concert I need to go pick some things up and then I’ll be nearly done with Christmas shopping. I know I need to drive to Wooster to pick up one last thing but I think I can fit that in next week. That means there is more wrapping in my future. A friend offered some help on the wrapping front this week. What a blessing that will be!

I’m working on relaxing so I can better take care of things in the coming few days. I’m scared but I know I need to keep going and keep busy.

And don’t you know — the one weather event that gives me the creeps — snow is coming this Friday and Saturday. Of course! I laughed as I was talking to God this morning on my way to work and asked if that was his idea of really testing my ability to give up control and roll with it. We shall see. It seriously puts a lot of kinks in the chain of events I had planned. Then again I see what I just wrote — the chain of events I had planned — but its not my plan. Gosh that is hard thing for me.

So the happy face is on despite the headache and to a Christmas Concert featuring the harmonies of Garaway students is where I shall be this afternoon safely tucked in next to my husband…enjoying our time together as a family.

Tonight it could be a night for a movie — it may be time to bring out the big guns— Top Gun it is. It reminds me that if you persevere you can do anything. That soundtrack speaks volumes to me. That music energizes me. This week begins my dance with the Danger Zone — and I’m ready.



2 Responses to “Hope floats”

  1. Aunt Karen Says:


    Our prayers go with you this week and especially on Friday. Everything will be alright – God is in control. Many, many people are praying for you.

    We have some food in the freezer and I hope to bring it out this week.

    Talk to you soon,

    Aunt Karen & Uncle Stan

  2. Julie Rose Says:

    Can you imagine the despair people feel who don’t have God in their life? You’re going to be A-OKAY!!!

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