Feeling better

December 27, 2012

Today is going well so far. I’m up and have done a few tasks and pain is under a 4 on the pain scale without tylenol. I’d say things are progressing. My sleep was fitful last night but I assume that is because of all things I managed to get a UTI from the catheter during and after surgery. This means some antibiotics but nothing more than that in terms of set back. I had this bright idea that I’d stop and get some juice when I’m out getting meds but small problem — lifting. The gallon jug hurts and I know its 8.5 lbs. My limit is 10. So I’m sending Rob a list and that I want pizza for supper. He is sure to laugh.
Did you ever have a taste for something but you can’t put your finger on it…well that is my current issue. I’m hungry but food doesn’t taste good. It doesn’t matter what it is — nothing tastes like I think it should. The doctor told me this morning that its normal and tastes will come back over time. I sure hope so because everything just seems bland or something.

So aside from being soooo tense yesterday while everyone was out in the winter mess, I got some things done…but also took a nap. I think the world would be a better place if we all took naps after lunch. The cat sure liked that he had someone to snuggle with.

Jason played with his Lego bricks all day long and didn’t touch technology until after dinner. I was one happy mom! Today is a different story but that’s to be expected I guess. He’s on the couch with his foot up and game in hand. He has been so sweet and good and considerate. We have butted heads a few times but over silly things.

Rob has been amazing too. He has always shown his affection but poking my stomach or patting my side…I told him off limits until further notice. We have had some near misses. It’s been almost a week of sleeping in my own bed and that is definitely something I’m getting used to. I use my arms to pull myself up and to change positions because I’m not up to rolling or anything like that yet. For years I’ve slept on the couch and that was that. I don’t have to do that anymore. I can lay flat and there isn’t pain.

Last night Rob got out my megaphone that he got me for Christmas. Oh my goodness…it even has a siren. I am attempting to teach myself to knit/crochet. I follow the directions and have no idea what I’m doing wrong. So the relaxation it was supposed to bring turned into frustration so I put that away for a bit. My cedar “hope” chest is now in the bedroom. The cat wants to claim it as his official roost. I told him no such luck.

Today I have a small to-do list. I need to go into town and get some meds and a trip to get my stitches checked on as some of the glue is coming off already. Keep in mind that right after surgery when I was transferred to my private room the doctor came to check on me and my main incision was seeping. She went to get more dermabond — the glue used to seal me up from surgery. She put it on and that was that. However now that area is cracking and peeling and its supposed to last two weeks. So getting that checked and more applied if needed today. That is one awesome thing — no staples. The stitches are self-dissolving. The glue will come off on its own. I have two incisions that are barely there at this point but 6 more that are very there and of course the one big one. Yet I feel so blessed because I’m sitting up, walking, talking and all of this about a week from having the procedure. Medicine sure has come a long way.

If I don’t feel comfy when I get behind the wheel later I’ll make some calls. We shall see but I’m looking forward to going outside even though I dislike snow, I dislike it very much. It was sooo funny when I talked with Milo from the office this morning and I asked, “how’s the parking lot?” and after he explained the conditions he stopped for a second and asked, “Why?”….it was so funny. I said I was planning to stop by this afternoon when I’m in town.

Getting ready for a very happy new year….



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