It was only just a dream…right?

December 30, 2012

So this morning I can barely move.

No, I didn’t vacuum or clean the house too much.Seriously, I’ve been a good girl about those things. Okay, so I did kind of half cleaned my shower, but that was kind of a needed thing. All the blue dye I got off of me from surgery stained things up pretty bad and I felt I needed to clean it up. So I used the scrubbing bubbles and then a scrubbing brush powered by my foot! It’s not immaculate but it will do.

I was sleeping last night after a fitful day battling a headache that made me feel like mud. You know those dreams when you are almost awake and feel like you are falling? Well that is what happened and I jerked and now I can barely move. Tylenol and motrin haven’t touched the pain. My husband reminded me I have oxycodone from surgery but I know how awful I felt coming off it the first time, I will not do that a second time. You knew it was time to take another pill because you hurt all over even though the pain you had to begin with wasn’t all over. That must be how it feels for an addict and I understand why it must be so hard for them. Those pills will be destroyed sooner as opposed to later.

So I really want to go walking because I think it will make me feel better. However in all this snow my options are limited because we all know “clumsy” is my middle name so frolicking or walking in the snow is not an option. Going to the mall sounds nice but the germs makes me scared as does the thought of running into anyone or anything. The last thing I need is to injure myself somehow. My other thought was going to the grocery store to walk etc but there we have shopping carts instead of strollers and those would probably hurt even more.

Instead I’ve looked up what to do with a pulled back muscle — there are very few options outside of rest. It hurts to sit, lay and stand. Perhaps some heat will help to dull it a bit later or maybe icy hot. Leave it to me to hurt myself while dreaming!

Otherwise I feel pretty good. The glue is starting to crack and peel on my incisions from where there are several layers so I have bandaids covering up the loose ends so my clothes don’t accidentally snag it and hinder my healing. The incisions all itch a bit from time to time which as I’ve always known is a sign of healing. Some of my incisions you wouldn’t even know were incisions just a week ago. And others are a bit more pronounced. They are still sore to the touch but nothing that sends me over the proverbial edge.

On Friday I got a field trip to the office. Rob dropped me off on his way to work and my boss brought me home. It was a great day. I got the paper finished for the week and am now off through Wednesday.

As I’m sitting here this morning I was looking at the calendar and see my follow up appt is Jan. 15. That is day that Rob can’t go and be with me and for this I am going to need him. So I’m going to make some phone calls on Monday and see if I can move it to the following Tuesday. We didn’t choose the date, it was chosen for us and I’m hoping they will understand the request. If that isn’t an option for them maybe I can convince my mom to go with me. The only problem is she is not a city driver or navigator….so if I’m not in a condition to drive following the outcome of that appointment — we could have a problem Houston. The other thing is that I don’t want to delay the treatment plan…and I don’t want to jeopardize Rob’s schooling either as it is a two week intensive thing done by his work that was already moved once because of my health and his job is very important to our family.

So this may be something I just do and go and that’s that. I’ve had offers from folks to take me to appointments and that is awesome and when it comes time for radiation that I know is coming, I will call but this appointment is different — this is the game changer. So maybe I find someone who wants to drive both my mom and I? I’ve thought a lot about this and still don’t have an answer. I haven’t even looked at the calendar enough to know if that is her Tuesday off or not. Okay so if I got her calendar right she is off that day. Maybe we can do this except that both mom and I get car sick if we are in the back seat and sometimes I do in the passenger seat depending on the road – hmmm. I will pray about it again and I’m sure I’ll find an answer that makes sense.

So today I’m working on catching up on emails and doing some things that are on the To Do list in terms of organization and paperwork while Rob vacuums. I do my best thinking when vacumming and I miss that. Trying to sort through things in my head always goes better when I vacuum. I have some fun phone calls to make next week. I got no where but mad last week when I called up the furnace service company who came to fix my blower motor a few weeks ago as we got a bill when the entire thing is under warranty — parts and labor. Talk about angry when the secretary says no one told her it was under warranty. I think I have her on the right track now but I don’t make any guarantee on that one.  My plan is to call the manufacturer and explain it all to them and have them call her and make arrangements for payment as its under warranty.



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