Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

January 2, 2013

So this morning I got up and tried to be normal about things. Well that didn’t work so well. Poor Rob’s work van didn’t start in the cold so I heard a bunch of noise and went to go see what was wrong. Thankfully the jumper cables that barely bridged the gap as the batteries are on opposite sides of the engine bay did the trick and he got the van going. I put on his heavy coat and went out on the porch and he handed me his truck keys when he was done and I came back inside. I am really sore today as I did more things on my own yesterday. This happened a few days ago when I went walking and the next day I was good — today that’s not the case. I haven’t had pain meds since Monday — tylenol mind you is what has been doing the trick but I had so much in my system that it wasn’t working like it should. So I took a break from them…thinking today I may need a few.

I made the call to the school to note that Jason will be off through Friday – a total of three days – until we go back to the orthopedic doctor. I guess I am used to the elementary level when your parent calling the office and saying your sick, injured etc was enough. So now going through hoops because when we are at the doctor the Dec. 20, they gave a note that says no gym until otherwise noted and there was to be a second one that says, no school until further notice because he has to keep the foot elevated. If its not up, he swells up like there is no tomorrow and his toes look like blueberries and grapes that need squeezed for juice. So I call down to get the proper paperwork and get put on hold — and then told they will call me back after the fax the paperwork to the school direct. I’m hoping that is sooner than later. I offered to go down and pick it up but she said she has to wait to see the doctor which makes no sense at all because it is on the discharge sheet. Such is life.

I then called the company that came to service my HVAC unit for a bad blower motor in December. The unit is still under warranty for parts and labor. I should not have gotten a bill, right? However, it was the first piece of mail I got upon coming home from the hospital. I called them today as it seemed futile to try with the holidays back to back. The secretary told me she wasn’t sure but she would make some calls and get back to me. In the mean time I verified that the unit had the warranty – which is does. But what makes me madder than a wet hen is the paperwork says, if you register online, which we did — you get a 10 year parts warranty and if you don’t, it’s only five years. Guess what, there is a word on there, “Qualifying Unit” and ours isn’t one of those. Why put it in on there if it doesn’t apply? Regardless of that bologna it was still within the 2 years total so I expect it to be covered. The manufacturer called me back after I left voicemail with them — 20 minutes later to be exact — and gave me a number for the service provider to call. I hope that was all that was needed.

I’ve got some errands to run today before heading into the office for a few hours just for some housekeeping type stuff so I can get 2012 wrapped up and 2013 opened. I don’t know how far I’ll get with my errand list though as I’m being very careful about where I go and what I do as we all know that clumsy is my middle name! Falling would not be a good move right now.

I have some paperwork that needs done as well and have been working on that this morning too. So while it might not be a normal morning where I’m in the office already, I am working to be productive. Jason and I have will have a quick lunch and then I’m off to the wild blue yonder with my shades on…after all, its bright out there today.

Thank you all for the prayers over the past two months. I realized looking at the calendar this morning that all of these things happened so quickly. We learned there was cancer on November 8 and surgery to remove everything was Dec. 21. Today is Jan. 2 and I’m not feeling that bad all things considered. I’m not 100 percent by any means but I have been feeling better than before surgery for several days now. Each day there are little improvements — like being able to sleep on my right side despite a little bit of stiffness. I am a side sleeper — normally my left but sometimes my right is comfy — so the sleeping on my back thing has been driving me crazy. I’m thankful though to be sleeping in my own bed at night even though I swear its 1,000 degrees at times.

Onward and upward as the saying goes and hopefully today will go as good as it possibly can. I’m going to slow and we shall see.



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