Back in the saddle if I could swing my leg that high

January 9, 2013

I worked a 12 hour day Monday — it is just the nature of how a weekly newspaper works. I was tired and sore but it was a happy kind of tired. My proofreader will tell you and affirm the fact that I was tired — very tired.

I got through a partial day Tuesday and today is Wednesday. I’m taking it easy and working from home this morning before going to a meeting over lunch and the office for the afternoon. I have some reports to finish and interviews to set up and then a meeting this evening to attend.

Yesterday was hilarious as I drove my car for the first time since a few hours before my surgery when I rushed back to the office to reset a password at 1 a.m. that I couldn’t remember that would have hindered my ability to work from the house. Until yesterday I was using my husband’s truck which was great except for the center console and the seat belt that hurt to get against. In my car, there are automatic belts so no pain on my side. That is a huge plus, but getting down in and up out proved to be a careful balancing act. But, I figured it out and aside from some pain when making right hand turns, I’m doing okay.

Monday morning was incredible. I opened up a letter from the Ohio Newspaper Association concerning the 2013 Osman C. Hooper awards for weekly newspapers and cried. I had a hard time deciding what photo to enter as the top news photo for the year and kept coming back to one that my son Jason took while I was doing video as the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock was set into place. I went with my gut on it and submitted it. My gut was right — the letter said we won in that category as well as five others this year. We won’t know what place (first, second or third) until the event Feb. 14 but I’m so excited for him and for the paper. We are competing against papers like WestLife and other big boys because of our circulation. I will tell you as an editor — the picture rocks and says so much more than I could begin to write about. As a mom the picture rocks because my son took it. He has a thing for taking pictures and I have been showing him the ropes over the past few years and he takes what I say to heart and goes with it. He gets into his subject and looks for the details. The Budget will also be honored for our General News Coverage and General Sports Coverage as well as feature photography from our own Dana Ely Kieffer, our advertising and feature columnist Jessica Hartzler Stock. I get teary just typing about it because I am so proud of how far the paper has come in the past few years. I was talking to a friend last night and she reminded me that we did this well when I was sick, she can’t wait to see what I can do when I’m all better again. Gotta love friends I tell ya.

The news did perk Jason up a bit, that is for sure. The grin on his face when I brought him the letter was priceless.

So today I’m moving a little slower than yesterday and the insomnia won last night but I’m so thankful to be up and around and doing. I realized this morning that it was because Jason has needed me that I got up and have kept going because when it was just the two of us, things had to get done. Food had to be available at lunch and he needed his mom. I’m following the rules as much as I can. There are times I know my bag is more than 10 lbs so I put it on my shoulder instead of lifting. I know its still more than 10 pounds but it doesn’t hurt. I’m slowly working on walking more which has been challenging with the weather and the general icy conditions because that last thing I need to do is fall down because I am known to trip over thin air!

So now I’m working on the little things like flexibility and seeing just how far I can move without pain. There are definitely some limitations there. I thought to myself that I’m glad its not summer because there would be no way to get on the riding lawn mower as I can’t swing my leg that high right now! I know I’m healing, the incisions look pretty good all things considered. I think I’m ready to hear what they found on Jan. 22 at 8:30 a.m. It will be a strange day thought as it will be a year to the day that the journey began with a DNC and hysterscopy in Massillon at Affinity. Rob had to help me cut my food at the Chamber dinner the night before surgery as I had a port in my arm from the multiple blood transfusions I needed before they could do surgery. Who knew that a year later I would have had a complete hysterectomy via robot after they found cancer of the uterus?

It definitely wasn’t on my radar, that’s for sure.

I have had so many people tell me that I won’t understand how sick I was until I don’t feel sick anymore. They were right. Aside from the soreness and aches and pains from surgery and muscles healing I feel better than I have in I don’t know how long. I can’t wait to take Jason to Acres of Fun and Sluggers and Putters again. The last time we we went to Sluggers and Putters I was really sick and wasn’t the most fun to be around or with. I couldn’t make it through the putt putt golf without needing to sit down and having issues with bleeding etc. My first big adventure will be what I’m calling “Beviepalooza” in March. Bon Jovi — two concerts in two days. I know I’m nuts and crazy but I haven’t seen him in concert since I was 12. I remember meeting him like it was yesterday. Music has gotten me through this entire situation along with lots of prayer and writing and it is music that has helped me heal the most — seriously. The nurses and interns advising singing to strengthen my stomach muscles. I do most of it in the car but tomorrow when I take the day off to be at home — Jason is hooking up the Wii and this place will be filled with music from my kareoke games.

So I’m finally ready to get going for the day. I walked a little this morning but the rain made it too muddy and slick in spots so perhaps I will get some in this afternoon as the rain seems to be moving away.

Now if I could just do some of the normal things that mom’s do like vacuum so I can sort out my head or cook so I can feel useful that would be great…but none of that until after my check up. Patience is definitely not one of my virtues.




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